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(Focus on vendors, priority shipment) Please refer to the list for purchase If you don't know how much you wear, you can talk about giving us height and weight., We'll give you professional advice To have the effect of buying a larger yard is recommended Welcome to the sterling. Professional Prices are the same as men Specializing in men's clothing, madness, etc. Our store supports a mishap. You can also mix it up. (Commodities are regularly launched for purchase) Small Capital Group Purchase、 industry、 province wide、 volume is negotiable 【Please refer to】 Please note: All merchandise is served overseas, long distance, please allow sufficient time If you have any problems, you can always serve in chatting and consulting To ensure that you have to go to mileage, after receiving the merchandise, the gnawing The goods are all selected, entity, guarantee, but there may be deviations from the actual screen due to the lighting and displaying of the merry lights, effects can only be treated as ginseng, we'll also go out of our way. 2 All the goods are prepared for inspection. Very to product, i'm going to get a very high stick or a little bit of a petty gamble and I just kill it, customers are not allowed to get serious defects、 damaged goods, so you can rest assured purchase.。 Payment times for the completion of the merchandise are not time for withdrawal, please refer to the message received when the goods are to be withdrawn., remember to take the newsletter as its precedence. Please check to confirm 【Our shop products】 Whether there was damage、 scratch、 damage、 dirty marks (Non human induced factors) If you have any problems keep the inside and outside packing of the goods, pictures of goods, and contact us immediately, there'll be someone to handle it for you 【Customer Service & Pleasure Time】: 2. Pleasure and mishap~Saturday, (Time spent in the world: 00-21: 00) Rest after night and Sunday as a day of rest, all provide all-round service to customers. Due to systemic factors, it's normal to have the mishap but it still shows that the treatment is normal., because this is overseas delivery.