Áo Choàng Thời Trang Theo Phong Cách Hàn Quốc Dành Cho Cặp Đôi

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Pattern: Crushed flowers Color: (3), jacket for opener Content of main fabric composition: 51%-70% Long sleeves: Long sleeves Size: S, m, l, xl Main source: Other sources Style type: Commuting Skirt length: Long middle skirts Pop elements: Printing, mosaic Style: Dress suit Fabric name: Cotton blending Main fabric composition: Polyester fiber (Polyester) Year of listing/season: Summer 2020 Style: Lightweight Process: Collage/mosaic Warm tips: 1. (Unit: Cm) Please check the size carefully, possible errors in manual measurements, 1-3cm error normal - display of discrepancies due to display of monitor, and the reasons for lighting, there may be varying degrees of color difference between pictures and physical objects. Please read the rules of sale before bidding to avoid necessary consumer disputes We believe that good service and sincerity will allow you to continue buying back, instead of a one-time sale. 👏👏👏 There are other avenues available for sale at this store, please talk about the inventory status before bidding Only 9 photos for shrimp skin restrictions, only 20 specifications can be filled, for more specifications/colors/pictures, please chat. Or after ordering, talk directly with customer service, what sizes and colors would you like to tell your customer ✨✨✨ Ask the girls to set aside enough time, lest delay your precious time. In addition, non-quality issues return goods need to absorb freight by themselves.