Áo Hai Dây Cổ Chữ V Màu Trắng Quyến Rũ Thời Trang Dành Cho Nữ

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Welcome to sweetapple, there are all the things that can order, please rest assured of the order. Please don 't imagine buying, after all, everyone is not the standard figure of a model, it 's impossible to have a body effect like a model. Disobeying clothes and imagination is a quality problem Subject to actual receipt. Because the monitor is different, and the reasons for lighting and shooting, clothes may differ from the original color. Mind being careful! The goods sold at this store are absolutely high cp values、 cheap、 screened. There are a lot of the same goods on the market, but the price is different from the material. Thus,, the boss is looking for a real price, good quality, goods with beautiful prices, let 's buy clothes that are worth for money. I don 't dare say it' s the best, but it 's definitely better. Please read in detail before purchasing - Commodity size Size: 56, length of clothing 55 (Shoulder belt) Excluding clothing 40 Cowboy goods need to open their own mouths, this omission is flawed. Cut off with scissors. Due to manual commodity measurements, error of size 3-5cm, take care of not accepting it. Receipt of goods if defective or size does not fit, please talk to us for communication. Please don 't hurry us to evaluate, we 'll certainly solve the problem with you, hopefully good service will allow you to continue buying back. Instead of a one-time sale. You can talk to someone with a problem, i 'll be at your service any time.