Áo Khoác Phao Dáng Dài Dày Dặn Thời Trang Cho Nữ

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Reduction in the number of people 📢💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓📢 There's a lot of shopping waiting for you Concerns + Gift of ceremony! Please note your concern when subscribing + Bye, we'll bring small gifts to the males Retrieval of bid About the color difference: Posted in the milk, everyone has different screens, there will be some subtle differences between the merry and the madness. Wanted: Suggested is a tragic opinion based on the usual sales experience, treatment, please refer specifically to the plane table. Measurement of paneling, different measurement methods, errors of 1 3 are reasonable After the wait, all cancellations are not accepted Would you like the goods and agree to the stipulation Before placing the order, please carefully select the mishap. There's a groceries to talk about first. It &apos with me, you know, to be tall and to be around my hips, etc. All the stakes in our shop are standard, purchase orders by ordinary purchase size of the bill. A marked defect in a product can be reacted to within 24 hours, a defect is defined as a large area of contamination or breakage that cannot be repaired Does not belong to defects、 not suitable、 dissension, imagine a different color difference of 2 miles inside the stain point line clothes too thin The serial buckles need to be assembled and opened Please inform me to help you with the shrimp defects. I'll help you after the sale Don't give me direct criticism, i'm not late for comment, even if you don &apos with me The merchandise is one cent a penny. There is no need for a magnifying glass to inspect the merits, rejection of super perfectists