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World famous brand-playboy american playboy. Coagulate the instant beauty of life in clothing, in this form of art, fully demonstrate your own unique personality and character, and in the future, this purpose will continue, in addition to the european style, the main thing is, also fusion of oriental culture, combining the new concept of clothing design, create the unique charm of chinese urban men and women. A naughty rabbit plus playboy, this sign that can be seen almost on any consumer product, it was created in 1953 by the american shefner. Playboy trademark is a comprehensive trademark for leisure taste, that 's the most enjoyable, the most valuable life means, its spirit, it is to make life beyond busy work, also have leisure and life interests, so it 's better to work. Follow playboy, make you more tasteful, more interesting, make life more valuable. Therefore, playboy costume is the center, plus playboy, it 's leisure taste、 the expression of leisure mood. It is natural, she wanted to make it、 sportswear mainly, soft and light materials are used、 design in the world 's leading trends, thus, the formation of a handsome and magnanimous temperament. Sportswear is more dynamic and dynamic clothing series. Playboy goods outside clothing, they are diverse, including slotting、 bags、 shirts、 tie、 socks、 underwear、 stationery, etc. Now the market for sneakers and advanced leather shoes is now in place. So, playboy, its spirit and philosophy have been established from time to time throughout the world, it has consolidated its noble position. Playboy doesn 't mean playing and playing around. Playboy is a culture, it 's a spirit, people who see leisure and work as one can be called playboy. Whether it 's leisure、 work or interest、 life、 the era of perfection has come. Hello, thank you for coming to our store, all of this shop is playboy goods, please refer to the size list below, we will arrange shipment as soon as possible. ⚠️ 100% polyester fiber M/l/xl/2xl/3xl/4xl Size private information sheet with height weight or reference size All sizes may be replaced 7-day tour period supported Purchase notes Clothes will be checked before they go out of stock, if the goods are found to be problematic after dismantling, please contact customer service immediately, we 'll help you solve the problem and take on all the expenses. Please talk to you about commodities, reduction in the probability of return, also let yourself rest assured. You can receive a deductible voucher before ordering, please contact us if you have any questions after receipt of the goods, no urgent evaluation, we 'll solve the problem for you. If any commodity landed、 lifting of the plates、 clothing and water, there is no replacement service. Points of note for replacement The goods may be returned in case of major defects and sizes. The exchange shops are sent back to the store and sent out by store. If you have any questions, please don 't comment on it, contact us with chat, we '