Áo Thun Tay Ngắn Dáng Rộng Phong Cách Âu Mỹ 2020 Cho Cặp Đôi

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Brand name: Microbank More parameter product parameters: Brand: Microbank Fabric classification: Knitted fabric Goods number: 34syx Basic style: Youth prevalence Year of listing season: Summer 2020 Thickness: Conventional Types of distribution channels: Exclusive (Sales only) Material composition: 100%: 【Please read before buying】 (2) Due to the size limit of shrimp skin, therefore, it is impossible to display the sizes of each style, if you want to buy, please talk about your customer service, customer service can help you find out Please refer specifically to the flat size table. (3) How to note size: At the time of settlement of order, you can write a size or order in your order, talk directly with customer service, what sizes do you need to tell your customer service (5) Please contact us within 24 hours to see the information after receipt of the goods will be handled for you at the first time, audio and video products removed by consumers、 personal hygiene items removed、 customized commodities、 newspapers、 periodicals or magazines are not returned, please note before purchasing, thank you Excuse me Performance clothing、 customized commodities、 festive, no refunds, please note before purchasing, thank you (6) About color difference: All goods due to light、 monitors、 reasons for shooting instruments, etc., there will be a slight difference between pictures and objects, please accept in kind the perfectionist please turn left. (7) After receipt: First check whether the overpack is broken, then remove the express delivery against shrimp skin order to complete the quantity of goods delivered, please apply for refunds in time for small goods, the system will automatically complete the order two days after the delivery. 1~2~3 (8) Our difficulties: Urgent, to go abroad, time to catch up with caution Please make sure you pick it up in time, the parcel will not return once it is sent out, if you don 't want to or cancel the order, then we' ll lose directly, the right to be held accountable at all times necessary. Finally, i wish you a pleasant shopping, buy the most affordable goods at the most favorable price, you can talk about counseling if you have any questions. Thanks for being patient, the following order indicates consent above Five star review photos, there 's a discount for next purchase (Please request a discount code for your customer service) I wish you a pleasant shopping