Áo Thun Tay Ngắn In Hình Hoạt Hình Cho Bé Gái

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【Material】 Cotton + Polyester fiber + Other components For reference only no practical criteria - narcissistic-japanese and korean clothes-first-hand credits-- lingering and lingering Dear, welcome 【Surprise iii】 Concern 【Ig】: Naixianger will have a lottery campaign from time to time! And sharing daily life (# ^.^ #) 【Surprise iv】 Five stars praise + Upload buyer show, discount for repurchase entitlements ::there is something to say Thank you very much for the little fairy who came to the store, online time for general helpers: 9 am: 00-12: 00, 2 p.m.: 00-23: 00! Pencil ::goods are made by manufacturers, we can 't know how much texture everyone imagines and expectations, so, please rely on the material X commodities may be produced in different batches, etc., there is a slight difference in size and color, dimension measurement 5 metrics are divided into normal range values. X any questions after purchase of goods welcome to talk about communication and enquiries immediately, there are problems in this shop absolutely responsible for the end, inviting the beautiful little fairy to give more~7.07