Áo Thun Tay Ngắn Vải Cotton Màu Trắng Dễ Thương Cho Bé Gái

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Note that The first thing to come in and sell Look first, does this page have you 【Cash discount】 Yes Of course there is, how can you buy something without Cash credit-input discount code The order can be set off immediately Good things-open occasionally (super high cash discount volumes) Learn more about the offer, please click on the goods and press us one by one Pay attention to our discount tickets Commodity information Fabric material: Cotton Composition content: 100% Style of clothing: 1999-2003 Style type: College wind Clothing style: Hedging Clothing format: Loosening Clothing pattern: Pineapple embroidery Portfolio format: Single package Production process: Printing and dyeing Length of clothing: General section (50cm 65cm) Collar: T-mail Sleeve: Conventional Sleeve length: Short-sleeved Size: M、 l、 xl、 xxl Adapting to population: Women Age of adaptation: 18-24 Optional colors: Black, purple, yellow, white, blue, apricot color Conservation recommendations 1、 first-time watering of clothes, it 's normal to have floating decoloration. 2、 deep shallow color single product recommended separate washing 3、 ambient water washing, suitable water temperature below 30° to avoid long soaking 4、 hand washing is recommended, don 't wash machine, after the detergent is completely dissolved in water, then put your clothes and wash them 5、 it is suggested that the flats be dry, keep your clothes texture, please don 't explode, avoid damage to fabric Warm reminder Measurements as flat measurements, measurement unit centimeter (2.54) Error dimension 2 cm normal range The color of the commodity profile will be due to lighting、 personal computer screens vary according to screen, all commodities are based on real goods Size of commodities、 color、 the material is clearly indicated in the instructions, you have also tried your best to present the real color in a complete way Buyers with strict requirements for color standards, please also think carefully before you lower the bid, avoid the trouble of creating imaginative differences! Because the factory layout tailoring process has a little different way, the seam pattern is not completely symmetrical and parallel, please accept the buyer to make the bid again. Focus on us, new products are posted on time every day!! This store never deceives guests, we dare to pay for quality. 2007-09-21 09:00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 000、 japan and south korea, quality, price available, please don 't miss it!! Notes for buyers Please confirm the name of the consignee when ordering、 the telephone and address are correct, inconsistency of name and identity card cannot be taken If the product has many colors, please select the color you need or leave us a message, we 'll send the goods randomly without color If any questions are received, please contact us, we 'll deal with it right away, do not communicate with evaluation Please give us 5-star evaluation encouragement if you receive your goods