Đồ Chơi Cầm Tay Giảm Căng Thẳng Bằng Silicon Mềm Dễ Sử Dụng Cho Bé Sil

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Fidget Dimple Toy Stress Relief Hand Toys for Kids ,Easy to use,Soft Silicone Fidget Toy for Kids Features: Touch, Bounce pushand learn with the Dimpl Digits Interactive Toy Silicone buttons feature numerals 1 through 10 on one side, accompanied by its matching word in English Dots included to feel and count Measures15X15CM 50% plastic/50% silicone 
Squishy, silicone bubbles captivate the fingers in a way that's impossible to put down while simultaneously opening a new avenue for learning. On one side, the bubbles are embossed with the numerals 1 through 10, each accompanied by its matching word in English. Disc of silicone buttons embossed with number-learning fun Encourages fine motor skills, number learning, counting Silicone buttons are a delight to push and Bounce BENEFITS Touch, push,Bouce, and learn! Fine motor skills Number learning Counting Bilingual – English and Spanish Numerals and dots to count Wonderfully tactile Frame made of ABS plastic Contain: 1/2pcx Dimpl