Ống Dẫn Nhiên Liệu Áp Suất Cao Cho Xe Hơi

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Preferences Please be assured that the price is one meter price, how many pieces we need to fill in the number of pieces we default on. For example,: 10 pieces will be 10 meters, and we 'll send you a 10-meter whole!! Color divided into: Black、 yellow、 blue、 red、 five white colors for you to choose. This protection is widely used, usable: Household wires、 external protection of hydraulic gel tube pipe、 protection of industrial chemical pipelines and mining cables、 household air conditioning, the heating pipe pipe decoration protects the beautiful antirust effect. It is also widely used to protect the wear resistance of car washing machine、 120 degrees, 40, used for gun barrel protection for fuelling guns at major oil stations, recharge pile snatch line protection, etc. The company may issue vat (13%) Special invoices and general invoices. We need bulk purchases to enjoy wholesale prices and call our sales manager: Song manager 1593319 2789