Ốp Lưng Chống Rơi Vỡ Cho Xiaomi Redmi 5 A 5 Plus 7 6 A 4 X Note 8 4x5 7 Pro

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Xiaomi redmi 4a 6a 5a 4x 7 5plus y1 y3 note 8 7 4 4x 5 5pro 7pro 5aprime y1lite logo Your satisfaction is our mobile phone shell (the master workshop) the greatest pursuit We provide you with a high quality、 professional、 brand brands with preferential price、 cell phone shell、 mobile phone accessories such as charging line. Various refined soft shells、 hard shell、 transparent shell、 sand shells, and blue light、 earthquake protection、 3d, remember to pay attention to () Welcome to wholesale、 group purchases and orders issued, a great quantity is superior. Partners with special needs, you can contact us Product description Material: Soft shell Applicable model: Iphone, oppo, vivo, samsung,, realme Factory direct sales, cost-effective, wholesale customers are welcome, only ensure product quality and after-sales service that you are most fully satisfied with Note: Please confirm the color、 order for style Multicolor options, if other mobile phone models are needed Please talk to us!! ///// Precise holes, full package design, slightly higher than screen, preventing screen friction, the real machine opens the film. More than the pursuit of design, it 's not vague in material either, use all green environmental protection materials. Good ink, the color printing effect is clear. Stick to quality, upgrade five-story color painting process, make every cellphone shell into a live artifact. : Installation mode: - card your cellphone to the upper left and upper right corners - insert the mobile phone horizontally into the lower left or lower right corner - press the phone gently into the last corner. Remember to give me any questions when you receive your favorite goods 【Five star reviews】 Support for us "