1-10 Tấm Ảnh 180 Độ Trung Quốc

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Why don 't you have a shot Shall I have a minute Should I have some shoes ? We are overseas shipping outlets selling goods at factory prices . Big items for selection Black Cat House 711 with size limits of 45cm x 30cm can 't deliver oh , Thank you for your support ? The lowest prices are found in the store . As we are overseas direct selling stores , The time of arrival of the goods will be longer , Usually delivered 6 to 8 days after ordering , Please be careful if you order an emergency ! ! ! cancellation and non recipient of the order , They will be held personally responsible ! ! ! Notes on Shopping : So there 's both style and size , However , owing to the variation in stock , We 'd better consult or talk to each other first , You can also note the color size you need when you subscribe . We 're easy [ 2 3 working days ] Arrange shipment internally ! Please make sure you want to bid , Thank you ! ! ! This store is only replaceable , Except for major defects , For the exchange of goods , 200 as a freight subsidy to return to the manufacturer , Thank you !