Bộ Đồ Bơi Liền Thân Tay Dài Kiểu Dáng Trẻ Trung Quyến Rũ Cho Nữ

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~~~~~~~~~ wellcome~~~~~~~~ Customer service time: 9: 30-00: 00 Delivery time: Monday to saturday, no delivery on sundays and statutory holidays ———————————————— 【Product information】 >> Chatting message, some of the products need note models to avoid errors in the product, if no comments are made, we 'll send the goods by default. ———————————————— 【Shipping instructions】 >> There are basically all that can be done, general x24x hours out (Excluding sundays and statutory holidays) About 5x days served (If there are no goods in exceptional circumstances, we 'll inform you of the additional delivery time)