Bộ Đồ Ngủ Hình Thú Đáng Yêu

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Korean version of flannel suit does not lose hair、 no fading、 no balls、 bright colour, it's a winter warming necessity, our products are designed in Korean style, let you feel warm, quality assurance of products, you can rest assured of your purchase at the huge factory direct stores, no worry, don't worry about returning goods! 【1.2 metre bed cover: 150 * 200cm sheet: 200 * 220cm pillowcase 48 * 74cm * 1】 【1.5 1.8m bed cover: 200 * 230cm sheet: 240 * 240cm pillowcase 48 * 74cm * 2】 【2.0 m bed cover 220 * 240 cm sheet 240 + 240cm pillowcase 48 * 74cm * 2】 Notes: 1.2 m bed with a pillowcase, individual patterns of flower colours differ slightly in location due to different batch cuts of cloth, due to the flexibility of velvet, dimensions allow for around 5 cm error, please pay attention to it, effect of lace covering on vertical edge without image folding, to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding! Fluff is thicker to provide a warmer autumn winter life for relatives! Note: ab version of a woolen cloth b Flannel cloth. Notes, individual flowers, the lace above is covered with edges, not lace, do not mind placing the order, 2.0 m bed specification plus approximately 3 kg、 1.5 / 1.8 mm bed specification around 2.8 kg、 1.2 Metre bed specification and packing approximately 2 kilograms. Returning goods that have been washed or used is not supported.