Bộ Đồ Ngủ Tay Dài Vải Cotton Mỏng Thoáng Mát Cho Bé

  • 251,640đ 335,520đ
Mô tả:

Brand: Permanent crown Age applicable to underwear: 18个月 2岁 3岁 11-13周岁 4岁 13周岁以上 5岁 6岁 7岁 8岁 1-3周岁 9岁 10岁 3-5周岁 11岁 5-7周岁 12岁 7-9周岁 13岁 14岁 9-11周岁; Functions: 1 Underwear texture: Other Application of gender: Women Color classification: 粉色菠萝棉绸 花边套头 粉色爱心棉绸 花边套头 粉色大耳兔棉绸 花边套头 粉色条纹猫咪棉绸 花边套头 粉色条纹兔子棉绸 花边套头 粉色红白草莓棉绸 花边套头 红色格子草莓棉绸 花边套头 蓝色条纹猫咪棉绸 花边套头; Goods number: Weewxmz Reference height: 48cm (90 yard (78-85cm)) 52cm (100 yard (85-95cm)) 59cm (110 yard (95-105cm)) 66cm (120 yard (105-115cm)) 73cm (130 yard (115-125cm)) 80cm (140 yard (125-135cm)) 85cm (150 yard (135-145cm)); Suitable for seasons: Summer Year of listing season: Spring 2020 Material composition: Other 100%