Bộ Điều Chỉnh Áp Suất Turbo Cho Xe Hơi Chất Lượng Cao

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The sale area is, the quality is superb Product materials: Aluminum alloy Product color: Red、 blue、 black、 Note: Turbo turbo turbo with pressure valves Installation method (For information only): Cut off turbine vacuum tubes, three links installed, connect the vacuum tube at the end of the controller, The other end of the drain valve, keep sealed. Then do debugging. Adjust the screw at the top, it 's debugging the car Idle stability is all right Turbine pressure regulator: Pressure regulator valve, adjusting air pressure, improve engine performance, reduce oil consumption when turbines are used Time spent, there will be very high internal pressure. Turbines themselves have apertures that release high pressure gasses, but facing Continuum hypertension status, there are still some deficiencies, the pressure valve can be released quickly by the pressure valve, eli The next surge action. This protects not only turbines, it can also eliminate part of the turbine delay. Parts are part of the machinery, made up of several parts assembled together. During mechanical assembly, these zeros The piece is assembled into parts first (Assembly of components) And then enter the assembly. Certain components (Called partitions) Access to total The assembly is preceded by assembly with additional components and parts into larger parts. Assembled from several parts, and And more parts with independent functionality, in automobiles and certain other machinery industries, called assembly. Notes for buyers All goods are physical filming, non-web capture, please don 't worry about the quality and quality, problems such as displays or lighting can inevitably cause color difference, i 'd like to ask you clearly before buying it, you 'll check it carefully before shipment. Welcome to harassment of your brother