Bộ Điều Chỉnh Nguồn Chuyên Dụng Cho Xe Cadillac

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【Information for purchase】 There are inspections in this vendor before mailing, but there are moments of carelessness on the part of a couple, mailing of goods received by mistake, etc., we'll let you know at the first minute, this store is very responsible. - if the goods are defective or unworthy, please contact us for a conversation. Please don't rush to evaluate us, we'll definitely make a positive decision for you, hopefully good service will allow you to continue buying back. ◎!! Perfectionists ask to buy it at the entity store! 3. Because of being an overseas seller, please take a cautious pat on the urgent bill The buyer is informed of the cargo after the customs service has done the same, please know, the parcel will not be returned until posted, if we don't want to do it or cancel it, then we "ll lose it, only one star gap and black, our pressure is also very good, please forgive me. No posting address of the receiving store after subscription, confirm before order. Avoid the trouble of sterilizing, Notes for Exchange, refunds are allowed except to the extent that the goods are not usable, a slight normal defect returns require self-payment. Can't sell it unsatisfactory, it doesn't fit, chromatic deviation, refund/refund for material quality, etc. I hope the buyer can get the goods on schedule, please press for a hand when you get the goods (Recognition of receipt) In the process of being assessed, thank you. # Conversion of vehicles # Automobile decoration # Body stickers # Beautiful # Reduction in the number of people