Bộ Dụng Cụ Cắt Thảm Khổ A3 + Dao Cắt + Hộp Đựng Tiệ

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..! Promo! A3 cutting mat + pen cutter / save package - hot - cheap - best seller product A3 cutting mat package and pen cutter These purchases include: - 1pcs sdi a3 cutting dies - 1pcs sdi pen cutter - 10pcs blade refill sdi pen cutter ---- A cutting mat is a sheet-shaped cutting mat. - the material is made of rubber so it prevents cutter from blunt. - the cutting mat is self-healing, the scarring 2 will automatically close back and the surface is flat again. Size a3-45cm x 30cm x 0.3cm Please in order:) Nb: Please confirm or give feedback when the item arrives. Thank