Bộ bàn phím và chuột không dây kết nối Bluetooth thông dụng cho điện thoại/máy tính

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Features: 1.Mouse and keyboard set to meet your needs. 2.Smart Bluetooth compatible with multiple systems.Support android system/windows system/ios/mac system. 3.Fully charged can be used for 30 days, standby for 120 days. 4.Chocolate button.Quiet and comfortable rebound. 5.3-speed DPI adjustment, high-precision 800-1200-1600 DPI switching. 6.One keyboard, get all your smart devices. How to use: 1. Push the button until the ON Power light is on; 2. Press the Connect button and the Bluetooth light is on; 3. iPad selected keyboard Bluetooth; 4. After the first connection, the keyboard will automatically connect after the next use. Product category: wireless keyboard + mouse Material: ABS +Aluminum alloy Item type:10 inch Keyboard Mouse Set Size: keyboard: 25*15*0.6CM [Size: 9.84 x 5.9 x 0.24 inch], mouse: 11*5.7CM Weight: 0.35KG Connection with computer: Bluetooth Line length: wireless Interface: Bluetooth System support: android system/windows system/ios/mac system Applicable models: ipad, tablet computer, ipad mini5, notebook, Microsoft surface Color: 10 inch lake blue keyboard + battery mouse, 10 inch pink keyboard + battery mouse, 10 inch yellow keyboard + battery mouse, 10 inch purple + battery mouse, dual charging mode Mouse yellow, rechargeable dual-mode mouse purple, rechargeable dual-mode mouse pink, dual-mode rechargeable mouse light