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Welcome to fanshome_store store (。◕ᴗᴗ◕) * This stand is unofficially made ~ "I will try my best to be the only one. When someone asks you who you like, you can proudly say:" It's Xiao Zhan! "-Xiao Zhan Look Realistic look, just in front of you ~ ('▽' 〃) Material: Acrylic Size: about 14 * 15cm Package: exquisite independent packaging I can see idols every day, super happy, water and water ~ Don't wait ~ Hurry up and take them home ~ [Notes on registration] This store is officially stationed overseas. It takes 7 to 10 days after the order arrives! 1. If you have any questions about the product, please leave a message in the chat and customer service will answer you as soon as possible ~ 2. The amount of goods in the store is the actual inventory, and the shortage will be marked on the screen. If sometimes out of stock, too late to update, we will contact Thuy Thuy promptly and negotiate the solution ~ (ノ ゚ ∀) 3. All goods in the store are taken in kind. For technical, display, lighting and environmental reasons, images may sometimes contain slightly color differences. (* ^ ▽ ^ *) 4. All prices in the shop are the actual selling price, please don't waste time on the bargain ~ we guarantee the quantity and quality, thank you! Thanksgiving (✪ω✪) ☆ We pay great attention to managing and treating every customer with sincerity ~ ☆ If you are satisfied with the store's products and services, please provide a detailed blueprint after receiving your merchandise! Thanks so much! Finally, I wish you a happy shopping! (^ ∀ ^ ●).