Cổng nối dây điện thông minh ZigBee Graffiti dùng cho hệ thống nhà thông minh

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Description: 1. Remote control via smart phone APP via mobile network or WIFI 2. Use with other Zigbee devices to achieve automatic scene applications 3. Wireless connection indicator Specifications: It is a mini smart gateway that Tuya develops. It consists of a highly integrated WI-FI module, low power-consuming ZigBee module, and PCBA. It can be connected to the Tuya Smart app for device adding, reset, third-party control, and ZigBee group control, meeting smart home requirements. Nice shape, stylish craft, can be any match with the family style. Easy to work with smart home device. More stable create a smart home system. More safe and easy to control smart device on the APP. Wireless and remote control with Wifi and 4G Note: The product needs to use the zigbee gateway and accessories. It cannot be used alone. Package Included: Wiring Gateway * 1 Manual * 1