Chân vịt bơi lội cho người lớn và trẻ em

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<div><p>S Size: 51*47cm for Kids L Size:57*49cm for Adults Color: Black Material: PP+TPR Package included:1 Pc x Diving Fins Flippers Product Details: Ideal for children to increase water confidence Quick release foot strap allows for fin to be easily removed Aids in building leg strength TPR foot pocket add comfort and prevents irritation Product Description: teaches a balanced dolphin kick while also allowing children to increase their confidence in the water. The comes with a comfortable TPR foot pocket and uses a quick-release foot strap so that feet can quickly be removed from the fin for safety. Ideal for children 12 and under, the Mermaid Fin fits shoe sizes male 1-6, female 2-7. The Mermaid Fin should only be used under adult supervision. Comfortable and durable short blade swim fin. Great for Training and Open Water swims. Flippers use a soft foot pocket, and mid-sized blade with three channels for optimal movement of water during the kicking cycle. Features: 2. Easy to kick for extended snorkeling time. 3. Lightweight, efficient and economical 4. Rugged, durable construction 5. Good thrust in an economical fin 6. Channel Thrust: longitudinal inserts allow a controlled deformation of the fin blade while kicking.</p></div>