Đồng xu vàng+bạc in hình giáng sinh độc đáo cho trẻ em thích sưu tập

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Purchase notice 1 We ship overseas, Overseas shipment costs are relatively high, with orders up to 250000 Dong shipments. shipping time: 2-3 days after normal bidding, 7-12 days can be received, if special circumstances will be notified. 2 products are taken in kind, non-network capture, quality and quality, please don't worry, because the display or shooting lighting and other problems will inevitably cause color difference, I am very concerned, please ask carefully before buying, carefully check before shipment. The thread is not awkward! The stock is shipped quickly within 36 hours, and it takes about 7-14 days to wait for the shortage. 3 The completion payment time of the order reminder is not the pick-up time. Please refer to the newsletter received. Please remember that the logistics update and newsletter shall prevail. 4 Be careful to be blacklisted: Please do not discard the order or subscript [Cancel Order] or [Cash on Delivery]. This buyer will automatically join the blacklist, and will not be able to purchase the goods in this store in the future. Please consider the subscript before the subscript. The blacklist will be added after three times. Please kept informed. 5 If you have any questions, please do not use the following five-star evaluation communication, and let us know in three days that we will deal with you in time. Any after-sales problem can also contact us. Finally, I wish you all a happy shopping~ Thank you Note: Các sản phẩm có chất liệu vàng, kim cương, đá quý trong shop đều là xi mạ/ nhân tạo.