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Welcome to the small shop~~ 【Commodities】 Ongoing update, if you have any questions, contact us~~ 【Basic description】 All photos of our shop are exclusive models., don't doubt its authenticity. Welcome to contact us if the choice is unclear. Please light up the five stars for us, please contact me when you meet a problem, we are determined to provide you with the best service. Like our goods, please go into the sticks and pay more attention to us, join our fans, new products are available every day, there is a surprise every day. 【Transportation】 There are inspections before mailing at this store, but there are moments of carelessness on the part of a couple, mailing of goods received by mistake, etc., we'd like to inform you at the first time, this store is very responsible I wish you a pleasant~~ I~. Exclusive to this Sales Picture and Text, ask each major seller to make their own texts, don't steal the pictures from this store, otherwise, we'll go straight to shrimp and get it without notice, please enjoy your shop