Dây Nhảy 3m Tay Cầm Nhôm Pvc Chịu Lực Nặng Hỗ Trợ Luyện Tập Thể

  • 283,658đ 340,524đ
Mô tả:

features: 1. aluminum handle: skipping handle is made of PVC. It can withstand high impact force, better than other materials such as foam plastics. 2. 360 ° rotating bearing design and adjustable. With special rotating bearing design, rope skipping can rotate 360 degrees. The rope can be adjusted to the length you want, so everyone can easily use it in cross training, boxing training or other professional sports training programs, and help you take your performance to a new level. 3. Avoid entanglement design. The rope is wrapped with PVC coating, which makes the high-speed skipping rope strong and durable. This design makes it easy to take it anywhere and cause rapid rotation. 4. Durable: 9mm solid rope body, wear-resistant and durable. 5. Flexible, easy to store, easy to put into backpack. Include: 1 x Skipping rope 1 x Storage bag