Găng Tay Thể Thao Chống Trượt Thoáng Khí Cho Nam

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Rule 1 our store buys direct mail products overseas, the rule 2 is different because each screen resolution is different from the one week after the bid, there are some errors in photographs and physical objects, buyers who can 't tolerate any difference in colors should be careful to sell the goods rule 3 if non-goods have quality problems this store will not accept any other reason to return the goods, tenders represent 100% consent to this shop rule note 1 goods are purchased at the discount period of the original factory store, characterized by high value for money, perfectionist customers suggest coming to the counter personally to pick note 2 if there are other questions, ways in which questions can be asked, our customer service will reply quickly to you, please maintain good communication and mutual respect、 understanding note 3 occasional minor defects, it is impossible to avoid problems such as slight friction in packing, we 'll check your products as carefully as possible before shipment. 4. Hope you respect our hard work, i hope it 's big、 can buy the most valuable baby at the most favorable price, we will treat each customer list with heart, i hope everyone can choose to buy it with your heart, full of satisfaction and satisfaction Thanksgiving Specifications: Pink Gray Size: S (16cm-17cm) M (18cm-19cm) Xs (13cm-15cm) L (20cm-21cm)