Giày Da Bò Thời Trang Trẻ Trung Thanh Lịch Cho Nam

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❤❤ Absolute 100% supply, exemption from long waiting ✔ Do you want a pair of shoes to use in any topography Now, you just have these pairs of wading shoes, Whether it 's jogging、 bicycles、 mountaineering、 rock climbing、 atrossal、 beaches, You can be free from environmental constraints Water-wading shoes for sports fans, fiber material with elastic breathability Rubber soles with superskid drainage at the bottom, 90% The whole pair of shoes cover your feet perfectly, give you the most comfortable sports enjoy. 100%、 high toughness design、 feathers are light and zero-bound. Soft soles that can service the topography、 make it easy for you to get used to all kinds of roads. The soles are flexible and protective、 slip-slip grip uphill is stronger. Let shoes stop slipping、 all feet tightly close to not falling off. Wear all day and day、 suitable for all kinds of sports ──────────────────────── Customer service On-line quick consultation, questions are welcome, i 'll serve you online. If you find unusual when you receive goods, please take a photo and send it to chat, The customer service will be handled for you immediately during the working hours. Service hours: Monday to friday 09: 00~22: 00 If you have any questions, please talk about your personal service to help you handle them Please measure the length of your feet, corresponding size choice For enquiries, please consult your customer service, customer service serves you sincerely. 【Eu35 22.5cm】 【Eu36 23.0cm】 【Eu37 23.5cm】 【Eu38 24.0cm】 【Eu39 24.5cm】 【Eu40 25.0cm】 【Eu41 25.5cm】 【Eu42 26.0cm】 【Eu43 26.5cm】 【Eu44 27.0cm】 【Eu45 27.5cm】 【Eu46 28.0cm】 【Eu47 28.5cm】 【Eu48 29.0cm】