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Our products are carefully selected, cost-effective, quality assurance, welcome to your inquiry and purchase We offer cheap goods and services with our heart, if you have any questions after receiving the goods, please talk about it, do not evaluate communication with 1-4 stars, thank you 【Commodity specifications】 Trade name: Air-cushion sandals Noodle material: Web cloth Sole material: Air cushion bottom Commodity color: Black Size selection: 39-45 Standard size, please select your shoe number according to the following size list, if your feet are thicker, one yard is recommended Size table Eu 39 24.5cm Eu 40 25cm Eu 41 25.5cm Eu 42 26cm Eu 43 26.5cm Eu 44 27cm Eu 45 27.5cm ~ buyer 's notes: 2、 【Order information】 Please confirm the name of the consignee when ordering、 is the telephone and address correct, there is no inconsistency between the name and identity card. If you have any other information, please consult and talk We 'll use twelve cents to help you deal with any problem 3、 【Inspection standards】 For example: Threads, the eye is not opened, screen chromatic difference, slightly offline, minimal stain size 3-5 cm error, international inspection standards are acceptable, none of them is defective Above if not acceptable, please do not bid, thank you! Thank you for your cooperation, we hope to have a pleasant deal with you through our se