Hệ Thống Cảm Biến Nhiệt Độ Nước Nóng Trong Nhà

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Graceful: Selling of goods merchandise Persistence 200 shipment, clientele, you can consult your customer service before placing an order, please contact us in time in case of error or breakage, this way you'll be able to handle it after sale~Thank you for your support and understanding~thank you 【Express Notes】: Shrimp shops with unilateral packaging should not exceed 45 or both sides length while not maddening 30., order is optional. 【Customer Service Online Time】 Morning9: 30 p.m.: 00 (If not in time, you can leave us a message, the customer's clothes will give you the first answer when you see the shop, not going to work on vacation, is usually not the case with the customer. Delivery time: Monday to Saturday, not delivered on Sundays and on holidays 【Notes】: Previously, we'll check all the products carefully, warranty that you will not receive the defective product, you are dissatisfied with the product and please have a first chance to go into our business, we'll give you the most satisfactory after sale service