Khuôn Silicon Làm Xà Phòng Nhiều Ngăn Đa Năng Nhiều Kiểu Dáng Khác Nhau H0114

  • 370,440đ 493,920đ
Mô tả:

Information for purchase We are shipped overseas , Time of shipment : 2 3 days after normal subscription , 7 12 days available , If special circumstances are notified . 2 . All goods are in kind photographs , Non network scratching , Please don 't worry about quality and materials . Chromatic difference is inevitable due to problems such as display or photographing lights , I 'd like to ask you for help before you buy it . Careful inspection is done before shipment . The thread is not flawed oh ! Expedited shipment within 36 hours of spot , Waiting time for shortages is approximately 7 to 14 days . 3 The time of completion of payment prompted by the order is not the time of withdrawal . Please refer to the message received at the time of collection . Remember that logistics updates and newsletters are the key . Be careful to be blacklisted : Please don 't give up the list or subscribe at will cancellation order or [ Delivery Payment for Goods Not Collected ] 。 This buyer will automatically add blacklists , will not be able to purchase the goods of this store in the future , Consider the bidding before you come to it . Blacklists will also be added to those who have changed more than three times . Please know . If there are any problems with the commodity , Please don 't communicate with below five stars first . We 'll inform you in time for handling in three days . Any post-sale question can also contact us . Finally , I wish you all a good shopping ~ Thank you