Sexy thin bra set with front buckle and no steel ring underwear

  • 77,250đ 103,000đ
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Source category: Spot Breast type: rear double row buckle Color: bean paste color (single piece), black (single piece), white (single piece), bean paste color (set), black (set), white (set) Mold Cup Type: Thin Mold Cup Size: 70 = 32 (AB general), 75 = 34 (AB general), 80 = 36 (AB general), 85 = 38 (AB general) Cup type: 3/4 cup Lining composition: spandex Design features: embroidery, embroidery, bows, ribbons, ruffles, lace edges, one-piece Shoulder strap material: nylon Shoulder strap type: fixed double shoulder strap Main fabric composition: nylon / nylon Whether there is a steel ring: no steel ring Function: Massage, shaping, gathering, breathing, putting on, shaping, absorbing sweat, anti-glare, adjusting type, comfortable, side closing, receiving side milk Suitable for seasons: summer, winter, spring, autumn