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abell Product Name: swimming earplugs silicone spiral adult children waterproof set earplugs . Description: . 1. Material: silicone earplugs, PP box 2. Color: Blue - Adult Size, Black - Adult Size, White - Adult Size, Pink - Adult Size, Blue - Child Size, Black - Child Size 3. Weight: 20g 4. Size: 27*25cm - .. Product List:, Earplugs*1 pair Box*1 / Features: The material is soft and comfortable, waterproof and fit, and can be used repeatedly; / The product is made of a thermoplastic elastomer material that fits the auricle; The product is durable, waterproof and conductive. Boxed, beautifully crafted, wearable and durable; - It can be used in a variety of occasions, and a variety of colors are available to meet the different needs of consumers. #Swimming #setearplugs #spiral #child #waterproof #silicone #adult