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5-in-1 Mini Electric Hotpot Cooker Hotpot/Steam/Boil/Keep Warm/Stir Fry Description: 【Beautiful and convenient】Lazy pot, nostalgic but also fashionable, smart appointment function, save time, you can sleep more. 【600W high power】after an advertisement, the hot pot will start, 300/600W, two levels of firepower can be adjusted at will. 【Six functions】Bring more ideas and variety to your cooking Six functional modes: 40 minutes slow fire: 300W work, work for 40 minutes, heat preservation for 6 hours 20 minutes quick cooking: 600W work, work 20 minutes, heat preservation for 6 hours Automatic cooking: temperature control by civil and military fire, heat preservation for 6 hours after cooking Hot pot: 600W work, work after an hour automatically turn off the power Breakfast porridge: 5 hours after appointment, 1 hour working time, 6 hours heat preservation heat preservation: 15W operation, can be turned off automatically after 6 hours 【Reservation function】Make an appointment for 5 hours, after 1 hour of smart work, it will automatically power off after 6 hours of automatic heat preservation.You can get an extra hour of sleep in the morning and wake up with a delicious breakfast 【non-stick inner liner】The newly upgraded non-stick inner liner comes from the same non-stationary coating material of the rice cooker, which is anti-paste and anti-scorch. 【The whole circle can heat up】Help the food to be fully heated, quickly ripen, and no nutrients will be lost. 【Double temperature control】the dormitory can also be used with confidence, ultra-high temperature protection, protection against dry burning. 【Stainless steel steaming lattice】Steaming the top and boiling the bottom, taking the same amount of time, enjoy the double flavor Product parameters: Product name: Lazy Smart Electric Cooker Material: PP material + non-stick coating Color: Nordic Green/Elegant White Specification: single pot/single pot + steamer package included: Multi Purpose Cooker + Steaming Tray(optional) + Cover + Wooden shovel + spoon + chopsticks + steaming bowl + dishcloth #electriccooker #dualhotpot #hotpot #steamboat #cooker #ste