Phích cắm chuyển đổi đa chức năng du lịch nước ngoài toàn cầu

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Mô tả:

Global Communication Outlet for Multiple Plugs for Travel Abroad A Glasses-914 Rated current 2.5 (A) 【Trade names】: World Travel Plug Converter 【Commodities】: 73 Persistence (Long) Getting ready (Broad) Grindle and maiden (High) 【Rated voltage/current】: 110-250 (Reduction in the number of people),10 (A) Time of use: Unlocking, after bombing, remember to lock (Put it down to the mishap) 【Scope of application】: This product is used in different national standard plug sockets for each other, applicable to travel abroad、 official services、 small appliances in business, personal communications、 pleasant photographic equipment、 glass and other small power appliances. 【Notes】: - Only one plug can be opened at a time. - Do not use this socket to connect two or more plugs simultaneously. - Use this socket before confirming that your hands are mad. -please put the sterilizer in the slot before use., avoid fire and electricity hazards. - Children do not approach the outlet of the power supply. - Please use this product in the sterling. - This socket is used only for the conversion of plug socks from one country to another for different national standards, no voltage change function. Please confirm that your appliances apply to the rated voltage/current indicated above.