Phụ Kiện Quấn Dây Cáp Đa Năng Hình Hoạt Hình Dễ Thương

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Sescription: Style:Random Material: PVC soft rubber Uses: desktop storage, winder Length: 25cm Made of good quality silicone material, perfect fit your cable, reinforce cable plug from inside to outside Provides a safe home for your USB cable to prevent pulling crack, extend the use life of data cable Easy to install and operate, without effect to insert/ pull out the data cable Super cute accessory to protect your phone cable from breakage while charging. It is suitable for protecting your phone. Works with smartphone charging cables. Packing list: 1 X Cable winder #protective Cases #line fixer #cable clip #Iphone 4 #cable protector #cable holder #iphone 5 #Data Cable #wire organizer #charger #DIY case #headphone Protective Sleeve #USB Cable Protector