Bộ phao bơi chuyên dụng chất lượng

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Shopping tips 1 we are overseas selling, your order will be arranged for you on the day after the bid is issued. All the goods at the sale are the shopkeepers, do good quality goods only, reject inferior goods. 【We are (Factory direct sales) Under the condition of quality assurance, prices are also as affordable as possible, you can rest assured of the bid.】 The store meets new selections every day. Attention to courtesy: Pay attention to the first time the sale place receives the preferential notice. The goods will be carefully checked before they are sent out, i hope to give you the best shopping experience, look forward to your 5-star praise + Sunburn. M + Neck ring (Up to 100kg) M + Neck ring (Up to 100kg) M + Neck ring (Up to 100kg) M + Neck ring (Up to 100kg) L + Neck ring (Up to 150kg) L + Neck ring (Up to 150kg)