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Inflatable Diamond Ring Pool Float - Engagement Ring Bachelorette Party Tube Stagette Swimming Floaty Outdoor Water Lounge for Adults & Kids Giant Inflatable Diamond Engagement Ring Pool Float. Big: Approx. Size:140*120cm/Inner diameter after inflation: 40cm( Fully inflated ) Fun and surprise for the one you love. Thick,soft and durable premium raft-grade non-phthalates material New matt finish with Rapid Valves, More than 5x faster inflation and deflation Allows inflation with hairdryer, toy air pump.Best birthday present, summer bachelorette Stagette gift. Package Includes: 1* Diamond Ring Pool float 1*Manual air pump WARNING THIS IS NOT A LIFESAVING DEVICE. DO NOT LEAVE CHILD UNATTENDED WHILE IN USE. USE ONLY UNDER COMPETENT ADULT SUPERVISION. ONLY TO BE USED IN WATER IN WHICH THE CHILD IS WITHIN ITS DEPTH AND UNDER ADULT SUPERVISION. #DiamondRingPoolfloat #Manualairpump #InflatableRideons #PoolRafts #Sportsplay #OutdoorPlay #EngagementRingpoolfloat #BachelorettePartypoolfloat #Swimmingpoolfloat #OutdoorWaterLoungepoolfloat #Adultspoolfloat #Kidspoolfloat #poolfloat