Quần Dài Thể Thao Dáng Ôm Co Giãn Tốt Thích Hợp Tập Yoga C

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------------------------------------------------------🎀--------------------------------------------- ------ ️❤️If you encounter any problems, you can always contact our customer service. We will answer you 24 hours a day. ◆ XS / 4: Waist circumference 53 hip circumference 70 pants length 82 CM ◆S / 6: Waist circumference 57, hip circumference 74, pants length 83 CM ◆M / 8: Waist circumference 61 hip circumference 78 pants length 84 CM ◆L / 10: Waist circumference 65, hip circumference 82, pants length 85 CM ◆XL / 12: Waist circumference 69, hip circumference 86, pants length 86 CM Weight 40-43 kg, wearing XS/4 Weight 44-52 kg, wearing S/6 Weight 52-62 kg, wearing M / 8 Weight 62-69 kg, wearing L/10 Weight 69-73 kg, wearing XL/12 🤗If you don’t know the size, please contact me to help you choose ⭐️Washing and maintenance methods of yoga clothes: First of all, the newly purchased yoga clothes must be washed gently with water and dried before wearing. No detergent is needed for the first time, such as washing clothes. The clothes have a fixative. Washing with water can enhance the dyeing effect and make the fixation more stable. 🌸Secondly, pay special attention not to wear unwashed yoga clothes directly on hot yoga, because a lot of sweat will break down the fixative. For daily cleaning, it is best to wash hands with cold water. The maximum water temperature must not exceed 30°C. After a lot of sweating, please wash and dry as soon as possible, or keep well ventilated. If you use a washing machine to wash, please put it in the laundry bag first, and then wash the back side. It is recommended to wash gently. Dark cabinets and shallow cabinets must be cleaned and soaked for 1-2 minutes respectively. It is best to use a liquid to protect the color or underwear cleaner. Do not place in high temperature or humid places, do not dry and iron, do not add bleach, leavening agent or detergent and softener containing bleaching ingredients. It should be laid flat and dried as soon as possible. 💕If you are satisfied with our services and products, we look forward to your five-star encouragement! Thank you! 🤗 #pants #Yoga #lululemon