Ròng Rọc Đôi Hỗ Trợ Leo Núi Chuyên Dụng

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~~~~~ ~ 【Details of commodities】 Ongoing update, contact us any time if you have any questions~~ 【Basic description】 All photos of our shop are all made by models in real-hand, don 't doubt its authenticity. Size/size/pattern or style selection is not clear welcome to contact us. Please light up five stars for us, please talk to you about any questions, we are determined to provide you with the best service Like our goods, please pay more attention to us, dear, join our fans, new products are available every day, there are surprises every day. 【Transport processes】 Check before the sale place is sent out, but occasionally there is carelessness, receipt of goods sent wrong, send less quality problems, etc., let us know the first time to help you handle it, this store is very responsible ~~~~~~~~~ ~ Specialty of the artifact, ask the big sellers to do their own picture compilations, don 't steal the artifacts, otherwise, the shrimp skin will be reported directly without prior notice, please treasure your shop "