Set Đồ Chụp Ảnh Bằng Giấy Cho Bé Sơ Sinh

  • 651,420đ 806,200đ
Mô tả:

- Overseas posting, urgent, to go abroad, no emergency orders, please know, once the parcel is mailed, it will not return, if we don't want to do it or cancel it, then we "ll lose it, good pressure, please forgive me. - Inadequate description of the selling place, please talk about the sellers, shortage of goods in the selling market, the seller will chat at the first moment - If the merchandise is too far in excess of the shrimp skin limit, please note the colour you want when checking out, or just talk directly about the mishap -what kind of news do you expect when you are not ready (Rest, wait) -please chat well, talk directly about anything.