Set 12 Khuôn Silicone Làm Bánh Diy Tiện

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Features: Material Science:Food grade silica gel(In line with the United StatesFDAquality,Non-toxic environmental protection)Export quality Quantity: 12pcs Feature: easy for using and cleaning, tasteless, non-toxic, durable. Suitable for making cakes, Muffin, Cupcake, jelly, chocolate etc Color : We will send it randomly Purpose:Make a cake、Bread、admire and miss or long for sb.、jelly、Prepared Foods、Chocolates、Handmade soap, etc. Size:1.8*3.5cm Package inlcude:12pcs Cupcake Mold Tips:The best way to make a cake is to pour it over.7Minute full,Because the cake will swell.!High temperature resistance,Cakes can be baked in microwave oven,make jelly,Not afraid of freezing,It can be used to make ice.,Wherever it is used,You can make cute shapes.,No fear of falling,Baby and you like it Explain: The heat-resistant temperature is-40℃reach 230℃,Can be reused,Novel modeling、Soft texture 、Changeable style、Easy release、Easy to