Set 12 Quả Bóng Tennis Kèm Túi Lưới Cao Su Dùng Làm Đồ Chơi Cho Thú Cưng ..

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Pack of 12 Pressureless Tennis Balls with Mesh Bag Rubber Bounce Training Practice Tennis Balls Pet ToyOur pressureless tennis balls are made of high-quality rubber and felt to ensure consistent bounce and good performance, great for ball machines, tennis practice, or even playing with your pets. Features: 6 pressureless practice tennis balls. High-quality rubber core and felt for consitent bounce and performance. Perfect balls for ball machines, tennis practice, or playing with your pets. Mesh bag for easy transport and storage. Diameter: 2.5 inch; Weight: 2.0oz each ball. Specifications: Material: Rubber + Felt Diameter: 63mm / 2.5in Weight: 55g / 2.0oz (each) Package List: 6 * Tennis Ball ..