Túi Đeo Vai Cỡ Lớn Thiết Kế Đơn Giản Cá Tính

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Total supply, within 3 days of order ~ 📣 Discounts are available for purchase of goods in the store The flagship store discounts are updated at any time. Please refer to the sales fair for details. ====================== Texture: Pvc Style: Jelly bags Pop elements: Candy Style: Fashion Closed mode: Strips 拍下来送内袋 拍下来送内袋 拍下来送内袋 好东西不说多遍了 包包是pvc塑料的材料所以有一点点味道是避免不了的 散几天就会好了 非常介意的美女慎拍 包包尺寸 宽32.CM 高 29CM 厚9CM 手工测量1—3CM误差属于正常 Flaunting laser fabrics are starry Colors change with fibers Hottest transparent material of the season Whether it 's all through、 semi-permeability Or show off、 hollowing Bring a sense of technology romantic Matching the colors Full heart score for girls