Túi Đeo Vai Cao Cấp Thiết Kế Đơn Giản Phong Cách Hàn Quốc

  • 165,870đ 221,160đ
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This item is taking part in the event time limit of 8% Dear, all the goods are in stock, like order, we 'll be in 24 hours 【48 hours on weekends】 Arrange shipments Please give us a free loving thanksgiving for our products The warehouse will be checked, packaged goods issued, there are generally no qualitative problems, What questions should you have when you receive the goods, please contact customer service as soon as possible This shop has a variety of products、 matching novelty, rich in color, each product has many colors, please take a good selection of the products. Customer to the shop to choose the product style needed、 post-quantity payments (For enquiries about product information, please contact customer service advice)。