Trang Phục Hóa Trang Truyền Thống Trung Quốc

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[ Spot ] Continental mailing , 1 2 days of bid sending , After sending out 4-8 days to arrive at the supermarket to collect the goods ! The parcel needs to be sent to the customs office of Shenzhen Airport to show logistics information . After clearance to Hong Kong to fly to Taiwan and then to the gate market ! It 's a long way , Please set aside sufficient time to collect the goods , Cautious tapping of the urgent piece ! We are from Guangzhou , China , cannot be returned after mailing , Do not withdraw goods or cancel orders , We 'll lose it directly ! ! ! The pressure is high , Please considerate water . Due to different measurement methods , Allow 1 3cm error , Error range does not belong to the quality problem ! Due to the difference between the lighting and the display , may be different from the color of the picture , Please refer to the kind Support 711 Super Cash on Delivery If there 's something unknown that you can talk and ask us for our customer service . We 'll get back to you as soon as possible ! New Han women 's dress : Mountain and Mountains of Han clothing : Antiquities and Styles