W58 Pro Đồng Hồ Thông Minh Đa Chức Năng Theo Dõi Sức Khoẻ Cho Điện Thoại Ios Android

  • 486,900đ 649,200đ
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Features: 1.Outstanding sports partners, innovationis endless, Letyou listen to music in motion and give yourself a steady flow of momentum. 2.Fashion interaction design: Dynamic Ul interaction, following the rhythm, gives you a different experience. 3.This watch will always be caring for your heart. 24 hours to measure your heart rate, take care of your heart all the time. * Built in professional algorithm analy sis, the whole process monitoring of self immunity, through real-time heart rate, sleep quality and big data system, accurate analy sis of user's self imm unity. * Large 1.3-inch IPS color LCD screen, 2.5D large curved glass, let you touch without interference, more sensitive operation. * Intelligent APP professional data statistics, daily, weekly and monthly data reports at a glance, grasp the status of autoimmunity. * 24-HOUR temperature monitoring: The body temperature of wearer is detected by artifidal intelligenge algorithm and analyzed scientifically. * When the always-on mode is on, the watch 's display will darken as a whole after 5 seconds of inactivity, but the main functions such as hand readings will always remain clearly visibte. When you tap the dial, everything on the screen will return to full brightness. Specifications: Color: Black, green, pink, white Material: Ultra-light aluminum alloy or stylish ceramic Screen: 1.3-inch IPS color LCD screen, 2.5D large curved glass Package included: Smart Bracelet * 1