(hàng Mới Về) Cọ Trang Điểm Phấn Nền Dạng Lỏng Tiện Dụng

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Product name: Single makeup brush face blender brush foundation brush makeup brush for liquid cream powder Description: -Bristle material: artificial fiber -Brush handle material: plastic handle -Hair length: 1.5 cm/0.59 in -Total length:11 cm/4.33 in -Brush bag :cloth mesh Features: -The bristles are soft and elastic, soft and smooth in contact with the skin, and do not irritate the skin. -Solid wood handle, smooth and round, durable, can apply makeup more quickly, compact and convenient. -Can meet all daily basic facial makeup needs, without skin irritation, to achieve flawless makeup, easy to clean and maintain. -Don't absorb foundation into the brush itself, and are easily cleaned. -Soft fibers give a silky touch on the skin, help create a flawless base and the perfect makeup. steps to clean a makeup brush: -Run the bristles under warm water. Do not use hot water as the heat may damage the bristles. -Pour a special makeup brush cleaner into water and gently mix. If you don't have a makeup brush cleanser, use baby shampoo instead. Dip the brush into the mixture and rotate. Only the lower part of the brush rotates in the mixture Rinse the bristles under warm water. -Dry the bristles and reshape them. -Let the brush dry and rub with your fingers. Packing list : Brush *1