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Chăm sóc móng 7,725đ Sticker dán móng tay hình trái dâu

7,725 đ

Classification of nail products; nail stickers Material; stickers. Classification of nail products; nail stickers Quantity; 1PCS Operation steps: 1. Modify the nail, dry the nail polish you like. 2. Tear off the film on the product, cut the pattern together with the paper, and soak it in the prepared water for 10 to 20 seconds. 3. Wet your nails with water. 4. Take out the pattern, first move the floret to the edge of the paper with your finger, slowly slide the pattern onto the nail surface and move it to a satisfactory angle. (Can be operated with tweezers) 5. Use a paper towel to gently dry the excess water on the nail. 6. Seal with transparent armor oil. Product characteristics: 1. The effect of product design is more realistic. 2. The product has good adhesion and smooth surface. 3. The operation is relatively simple. You can do it twice. 4. Wash it with nail wash directly when it is cleared. 5. Operation of watermarking stickers can be used with nail drills, flash powder, sequins, etc

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